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After The Fall

The first book of a Three-Book Mini Series, The Epic Adventure Of Humanity. Because that’s what it is. This story and the two following encompass over 3,000 years of future human history across 3 Planets and 2 Solar Systems.

Being the Nerd that I am, about to finish my undergrad in Biomedical Engineering and a passion for Astrophysics, I can safely say that I have scienced the shit out of this series. However, I have carefully worded it to where even someone with no background in the material will be able to comprehend the phenomenon / underlying system. Hopefully you find that true in my first chapter excerpts. If not, please let me know.

As for the series structure. I have written it differently than every other book I could find. Granted I didn’t look that hard. But this series ultimately creates a non-linear story that builds on three levels. On the basic level is the character development and their story. Then is the progress of the Linear Plot. The plot line of the book itself and how it progresses. Finally is the big picture. The universe and history written into this Science Fiction Story is fully comprehensive and plausible. From our demise to first encounters to hypothetical political systems and cloning. Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime. The Epic Adventure of Humanity.


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Returning back to our solar system after a successful mission. The team of cosmonauts find themselves stranded in the void of space. All hope dwindling away with each day without a response and dragging their mental state with it. That is, until they find activity on Titan, a Moon of Saturn.


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