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The Master’s Apprentice

This is where my journey began. Soon after my 20th birthday, my life took a dive into chaos and I didn’t know what to make of it. I felt scared, alone and didn’t know who to turn to as my world went ablaze.

But one day, I still don’t know what possessed me to do this, I sat down and began writing a story. One day after the next I continued working on this story with no expectations of what is was to amount to. It was only halfway through my first draft, that I handwrote when I realized that it’s my story. Instantly it brought my life purpose and meaning when I realized that I was evolving and growing with the main character. That I had written myself into the story and hadn’t even realized it. Nor had I realized the metaphors used in the story portray the goal as many sacred religious texts I have used to help guide me through my journey.

The takeaway of this story boils down to a few key elements. The first being that everyone is unique with their own story. And the second is to trust your intuition over everything else because you don’t know what you are truly capable of until you set your heart on achieving something.

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A Brief Synopsis

Written in a third person POV, this story begins with a 20-year-old boy who is on the verge of breaking after years of torment and depression. Years of accumulation have saturated his mind until one day he is given a way out of venturing into the unknown. On this journey into the unknown, both a psychological / mystical and physical journey. The boy, accompanied by The Master uncovers the secrets to life and happiness on his path from rock bottom to Nirvana.

Also, the picture of Yosemite Valley is to the left because that’s where I subconsciously created the world from. Although it’s based in Asia, think of something this beautiful

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